What Your Business Needs to Know About the New Facebook Pages

by QuickBooks

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Think you’ve learned everything there is to know about Facebook Pages? You may need a refresher course: Facebook has just unveiled significant updates that impact how your business will appear on the site.

Assuming you’re the admin for your business’s Page, you can now preview the changes. Then, you’ve got a choice: Make the switch now, or wait until March 10 — that’s when Facebook will make the switch for you.

Here are the key changes you need to be aware of:

1) New layout – If you’ve got a personal Facebook account, this change should seem familiar: Your business Page will now look and feel much like your recently redesigned personal profile. The photostrip will now run across the top of the screen, for example, and your Wall, Info, and other tabs will become links on the left-hand side.

2) Relevancy, according to Facebook – If you select the Everyone filter for your Wall — the option that enables your customers and prospects to add messages to your Page — posts will no longer show up in chronological order. Instead, the most “relevant” messages — as determined by Facebook’s wizardry — will rise to the top, a change described in the preview as “a new way for people to see the most interesting stories first.”

3) Use Facebook as a Page – This feature allows you to interact with other areas of Facebook as your business persona — rather than using your personal profile. That means you can comment on and “like” other areas of the site under the guise of your Page, and then see activity on comments and liked content in your news feed. You’ll also be able to receive notifications when customers interact with your Page and posts. This option is available in your Account menu.

The relevancy feature might be the most noteworthy from a small business standpoint: If Facebook is now judge and jury for which wall posts are most important, what message does that send to your customers — and prospective customers — whose comments don’t make the grade?

What do you think of the changes? Chime in with your business’s take below.

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