What's in Your Small-Business 'Toolbox'?

by Michael Essany

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From social networks to mobile apps, the digital tools at your disposal are numerous and varied. But with so many resources at the ready, how can you be sure that your small-business toolbox contains what you really need to establish an online presence and promote your company?

Having a business and promotional plan is critical to determining which tools you’ll need to get started. Here are a few basic tips, including a handy infographic (see below).

Your Mobile Home

If your small business doesn’t yet have a mobile home — a mobile website, a mobile app, mobile advertising, etc. — there’s no way to tell how many potential customers aren’t finding you.

According to the latest industry estimates, mobile phones will eclipse personal computers in 2013 as the most popular way to access the internet and research products and services. Without a readily accessible presence for the mobile masses to find, you will undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle.

Stay Connected

There’s a very good reason why three out of four small business are on Facebook and more than half of all small businesses are now on Twitter. Social media channels can connect you with existing and prospective customers, with little time investment and virtually no expense.

Another compelling reason to include a social network or two in your toolbox: employee recruitment. The costly, time-consuming practices of the past have been expediently replaced by the likes of LinkedIn. Incredibly, 80 percent of small-business owners on LinkedIn trust the platform to help recruit new employees, particularly those with advanced or specialized skill sets.

Roll Like a Pro

It’s perfectly acceptable to be a small operation, even a one-person company that operates in Grandma’s basement. But customers want reassurance that they are working with a credible professional. Be sure to convey professionalism in all of your marketing and business materials, from securing an email address to launching a company blog.

For more helpful tips on what your small business toolkit should contain, take a look at this insightful new infographic compiled by Intuit.

Toolbox Teaser

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