90% of Small Businesses Use Facebook, 69% Use Twitter

by Rochelle Bailis

1 min read

Facebook is the social media choice of small businesses, with Twitter ranking a strong second.

First Facebook, and then Twitter, and then a Big Drop-Off

According to a survey of 462 businesses (93% with less than 100 employees), 90% of the businesses surveyed are on Facebook and 69% tweet on Twitter. In fact, 32% post to Facebook and 29% tweet on Twitter at least once a day. But, when it comes to social media options other than Facebook and Twitter, the small business use is much less. Only 50% of the respondents reported using LinkedIn, and a sparse 32% and 29% reported using Google+ and Pinterest, respectively. See the survey results here.

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Social Media Is Time-Consuming – and Content Creation Is Most Time-Consuming of All

25% of the small businesses surveyed by Vertical Response spent between six and ten hours on social media each week, while 11% spent between 11 and 20 hours each week. Seven percent spent a whopping 21+ hours a week on social media. What is the thing that small businesses say takes up the most time when engaging in social media? Content creation. “Finding and posting content” was reported as the most time consuming, followed by “learning and education”, “analyzing efforts”, “scoping out the competition” and “responding to questions”.

Source: Vertical Response

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