Why Advertisers Love Affiliates

by Rochelle Bailis

2 min read

Affiliate marketing can complement and sometimes replace other methods of online marketing. Affiliate marketing is an inexpensive marketing strategy, making quality affiliates a highly sought after resource for online businesses. Advertisers value affiliates because affiliates make conducting business online much easier and less expensive. Affiliate marketing can be a win-win situation for advertisers and their affiliates.

It’s no secret; affiliates provide a valuable service for online businesses. Without affiliates, many online businesses wouldn’t be where they are today. Advertisers love affiliates for some of the following reasons:

Cost-Effective Consumer Acquisition

Affiliates can increase a business’s visibility. Most affiliate programs pay out when visitors purchase products. This provides an incentive for affiliates to make advertising efforts attractive and relevant and allows for companies to obtain more customers for a very minimal investment.

Controllable Costs

Affiliates receive commissions for the traffic or sales they provide for merchants. The costs involved in paying commissions can be limited and controlled. There may be network fees involved but those are controlled as well. Affiliate marketing is a cost effective means of advertising for both smaller and larger businesses.

Time Savings

Online businesses owners can concentrate on what they are good at when they take advantage of affiliate marketing. Instead of wasting time on limited marketing efforts or spending huge amounts of cash on various marketing strategies, business owners can concentrate on developing products and providing good customer service, important business strategies that can increase earnings substantially.

Higher Search Rankings

Incoming links increase visibility for the sites that are linked to. By taking advantage of affiliate marketing, merchants can also increase their site’s ranking with major search engines. This enables customers to locate online businesses much easier.

Increased Brand Visibility

Affiliates generate leads, but they can also increase search engine rankings too. Obtaining numerous incoming links can boost rankings substantially. Additionally, affiliates don’t have to be compensated for increased search engine rankings, which can also result in increased sales.

Obtaining Targeted Prospects

Most affiliates naturally choose ads that are relevant to the content of their site. Affiliates are aware that their audience will respond best to offers suited to their interests. This is an excellent way for advertisers to increase their exposure to customers who will be interested in their products.

Discount Marketing Team

Affiliates are part of a marketing team. Instead of paying huge amounts of cash to an advertising agency, businesses can maximize their earnings by offering incentives to affiliates. This is an extremely cheap way to increase brand awareness.


One of the biggest reasons advertisers love affiliates is that affiliates provide a certain level of transparency that usually isn’t available with other marketing strategies. Merchants can trace exactly when and are sales originated. This assists online business owners in measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns with certain groups of consumers.

Affiliates Provide Businesses With a Valuable Service

Affiliate marketing provides businesses and affiliates with numerous benefits. Affiliate marketing can also benefit consumers as well. Affiliate marketing makes it easier for consumers to find the products they need from reputable resources.

Reputable affiliates are an asset for any business and online business owners should make a point of creating or joining a network of reputable affiliates. Businesses that make a point of knowing their affiliates, and manually approving them, ensure that they are well represented to their customers.

Smart business owners seek out and retain reputable affiliates. They create attractive incentives and regularly reward their higher performing affiliates. Affiliates play an important part in generating profits for online businesses. Affiliates make doing business online much easier.

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