Self-employed tax forms, explained

When you’re self-employed, paying taxes can be complicated. We’re here to help with a rundown on everything you need to know about tax forms.

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Self-Employed taxes
Self-Employed taxes


Maximize tax deductions

Users have found hundreds of millions in potential tax savings using QuickBooks Self-Employed.1

Self-Employed taxes auto track


Auto-track as you go

Connect your bank credit cards so that business expenses are automatically synced as you spend.

Self-Employed taxes sort expenses


Smart organization

We make it easy to sort expenses into the right tax categories, or have them auto-sorted in the background.

Self-Employed taxes receipts


Store receipts with snap

Snap photos of your receipts and we’ll automatically match them to your business expenses.

Self-Employed taxes quarterly taxes

Easy quarterly taxes

We do the math so you can avoid year-end suprises.

  • Know what you owe each quarter before taxes are due
  • Avoid late fees with automatic reminders of quarterly tax due dates
  • Easily organize income & expenses for instant filing
Self-Employed taxes quarterly taxes

Self-Employed taxes checklist

Taxes are done

Upgrade to the TurboTax bundle and instantly transfer your financial data.

  • Connect to TurboTax Self-Employed to reduce manual entry
  • Easily transfer Schedule C income and expenses
  • One federal and one state tax return filing included
Self-Employed taxes checklist

Tax forms

Estimated taxes

Self-employment tax

Schedule C

Tax calculator

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Find more deductions and be tax-ready with QuickBooks Self-Employed.

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Find more deductions and be tax-ready with QuickBooks Self-Employed.

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  1. Based on QuickBooks Self-Employed users who have identified <$100k in deductions
  2. Based on TY17 US mobile subscribers that have identified >$0 in income and >$0 in business expenses.