March 26, 2015 en_SG You need more than web traffic, you need paying customers. Here are 5 quick ways to increase your website's conversions. 5 Quick Ways to Convert Web Traffic to Customers

5 Quick Ways to Convert Web Traffic to Customers

Derrick Kwa March 26, 2015

So you’ve built your website, and you’re starting to drive traffic to it – with social media, SEO, ads, etc. What’s next? You need to actually sell your products on your website. Having traffic is great, but to make money and keep your small business going, you need to convert that traffic into paying customers.. Here are 5 quick ways to increase your effectiveness in doing so.

  1. Clear Call-to-actions are a must

Even if you have millions of visitors going through your site, your conversion can still be poor if your call-to-actions (CTA) are not clear. Make sure you state exactly what the visitor is supposed to do after/while consuming the content of your website. A button to click, a form to fill out, something to download – be specific, never assume your visitor knows what to do.

  1. Have a chat widget

This always increases website conversion. Having a chat widget gives the impression of timeliness in response and provides an additional avenue to engage your visitor should they have clarifications. It can sometimes even bring you sales off-site via the conversation itself. There a lot of user-friendly tools such as Zopim which make setting up a live chat easy to do.

  1. Keep your language at your audience’s level

Being either too obscure or too simple isn’t good. Keep your language usage matched to your targeted customer’s level. A great tool to bear in mind while matching your copy to your audience is Readability Score.

  1. Have choices, but not too many.

Having choices lets people realize they have a say in purchasing and eliminates the feeling of being forced to buy only 1 product. However, people also struggle to choose when there are too many choices in front of them. A safe range is to have between 3-5 options. It also helps to be very clear how your options differ, and to have one most popular option that you draw attention to.

  1. Have multiple payment options.

This is especially for ecommerce business owners. Not everyone uses Paypal, especially not in Asia. Integrate multiple payment gateways as much as possible.

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