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How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Derrick Kwa April 2, 2015

If you’re doing business in Singapore, email is still really important – over 3/4 of people in Singapore check their email at least once a week.

To do email marketing effectively, though, you first need to make sure people are opening your emails. An open rate is a % representation of: People who open / People who receive the email. While research shows that email open rates are notoriously low with 20% being the average, the good news is that you can take action to track and improve your open rates, where a small boost can make a huge difference in your email campaigns overall.

Best Practices for Solid Email Open Rates

Once you’ve tested new approaches to take with your email marketing, you can begin implementing steps to improve email open rates. It’s a good idea to keep some of the following email marketing best practices in mind when crafting your messaging:

Personal Attention

One of the best ways of improving open-rate percentages is to craft your messages with a personal touch. A recent TopRank article recommends sending emails from a specific company employee, like a president or CEO, instead of a generic business address. Research shows that subscribers are more likely to open an email from a person rather than one from an organization. You can also try to personalize your messages to your customers – personalizing your subject line increases open rates by 26%.

Short, Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Because subject lines are the first—and sometimes the only—part of your mailer a client reads, it’s only logical that they are one of the most important aspects of your email campaign. In general, businesses should try to keep subject lines short and to the point, using 50 characters or less when possible. If you want to optimize for mobile devices, keep it under 36 characters. When possible, send multiple subject lines with each newsletter and keep track of how it affects open rates; eventually, patterns will emerge. Learn more about how to test subject lines below.

An Excellent Email Body

While people need to open the email in order to see the body, having consistently good content helps to increase the open rates of return viewers. Here are a few tips:

  • Break up blocks of texton a page to prevent cluttering.
  • Integrate intriguing images and graphicsto catch the reader’s eye. Find an image that is both eye-catching and relevant to your business or email, and remember to keep photos small in size so they don’t take too long to load.
  • Do use alternative text in case some of your subscribers have image blocking on as a default (this can be done using the “alt” tag in HTML).
  • Have a good call to action, to guide the reader what to do next and convert. Maybe you want readers to “Order Now for Free Shipping” or “Book Travel Today to Save 25%.” Don’t just mention your call to action right at the end, and litter it sparingly from early on together with content, as some might not have the patience to read till the end.

Low open rates are the bane of many email marketing campaigns. However, companies can do a great deal to boost their rates – just follow some of these tips and you’ll start getting your messages read by more people in no time!

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