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QuickBooks Online iOS updates + Apple Watch app

Derrick Kwa July 24, 2015

There are some fantastic new enhancements to the QuickBooks online stable this month.

Time Savings — the journey towards a paperless office continues

One of the really great time saving features is the ability to generate an estimate on your iPhone. In the past you would then have to wait to get the approval in writing before being able to convert that estimate into a sale, but that’s now a thing of the past.

With the latest release, the ability to capture the customer’s signature on the spot using the ‘Get Signature’ feature at the bottom of the estimate page is a real time saver. No more having to chase for that hard copy signature you’ll be able to get it on the spot, accept the signature and even convert the estimate to an invoice. Ideal for the busy entrepreneur and no disputes on who accepted the estimate and authorised it it’s there in black and white.

Report enhancements on the iPad

In the reports area of your iPad you can now choose from three different reports Profit & Loss as well as Invoices by Status and Invoices by Month enabling you to get a great picture of what invoices are overdue as well. Simply choose Reports from the Navigator pane and then at the top of the screen choose which report you would like to view. The Profit & Loss can be viewed in either graphical or numerical format by selecting from the option on the right of the screen.

Taking the ‘Invoices by Status’ report as an example you can touch the screen to drill down and find out further details right down to the customer invoice level and the customer details so that you can then take the opportunity to call them on the spot.

This is a fantastic tool for the person on the road. Going out to visit a customer you are able to check the status of the account immediately and then resend copies of invoices as required.

Security for mobile devices

Security for any device is paramount, but even more so on a mobile device. With the ability to set a passcode and prompt for the system to require a passcode to reopen after a set period of time it’s one way of ensuring that only those entitled to access information can do so.

To set up your passcode:

1. Tap the menu > Settings > Account > Passcode and slide the button right to turn passcode on

2. Tap and confirm the 4-digit code you’ll use to open QuickBooks Online

You can turn passcode functionality on and off, enter and change your passcode, and set how frequently you’ll be prompted to re-enter your passcode. If you forget your passcode, just sign in with your username and password and reset your passcode in Settings. If you have multiple devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and so on) you can use different passcodes for each one.

View key QuickBooks insights on your Apple Watch

Quickly see account balances, income, expenses, and open invoice amounts at a glance. Handy if you need to know on the go whether you have enough money to make a purchase for your business!

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