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Our 'Get There Quicker' Campaign


In a world that has fundamentally been altered, shifted and turned on its head due to the COVID-19 pandemic businesses around the world have needed to pivot, adapt and adjust to the new normal and changing times. QuickBooks was no different.

Starting out as a small accounting business and team, QuickBooks has grown, expanded and built a presence that impacts millions of lives, every day. This has been something that has been built into our core, mission and overall business values that are strived for, and delivered to you.

For QuickBooks, our business values honor our history and how we started, and guide us in delivering on our mission of powering prosperity around the world. Championing diversity, being stronger together and allowing communities to prosper are cornerstones of our business.

Being stronger together, champions of diversity, inclusion, and delivering exceptional results that others can count on is a driving force.

Backing you, the owners, founders and teams that drive small businesses, empower communities and powering your prosperity and giving everyone the opportunity to prosper is critically important to us. Now more than ever.

What’s important to small businesses in Singapore

Small businesses across Singapore are striving for success in the face of a slowing economy and a highly competitive environment. The majority of small businesses are driven by Singapore’s deeply ingrained ‘kiasu’ culture hence there is a constant need to do better.

With the emergence of new, younger businesses in Singapore, the market is intertwined with

traditional and contemporary mindsets in managing businesses. Newer businesses, particularly younger business owners who are already adapted into the digital era, tend to be more open to embracing change in their environment through innovating, being open to change and to adapting to changing times and circumstances.

For those who have started their own businesses, they are most worried about core business issues such as winning customers, the competition, costs and hiring people. They also worry about the macroeconomic environment, considering Singapore’s minimal economic growth in 2019. That said, they are all taking risks to forge their own path and blaze their own trail.

Few small business owners are fully satisfied with their control over their business finances and over half of continue to use manual methods or spreadsheets to manage their finances.

The most important areas of focus, as well as the most difficult to manage and juggle are: cash flow, budgeting, tracking expenses and reconciling with bank records. Software needs are similar to small businesses, reliable, quick, and easy to use. 

QuickBooks has been supporting businesses with innovative accounting technology for several years, and helps identify, understand and solve business pain points. Allowing you to focus on what is important for your business.

COVID-19 and the impact on small businesses

With the impact of COVID-19 and an economic downturn, grit, resilience, resourcefulness are key to businesses thriving, growing and making it through the hurdles.

For small businesses COVID-19 has had a devastating impact, namely in a loss of opportunity to trade which has contracted the focus to basic survival: getting paid for work, and predicting cash flow.

As Singapore enters a new normal, passion is evolving. From hunger for growth, to diversification as a means to future proof small businesses. QuickBooks smarter accounting tools help you adapt to changing times. With the time saved, you can focus on future-proofing your business, be it implementing new processes, diversifying your offering or transforming your business model.

Helping the economy grow and growing your business should be the focus, QuickBooks keeps things simple to help you regain your footing and get you ahead through this period, and beyond.

Helping small businesses thrive

A key driver for QuickBooks is to ensure equal opportunity for small businesses to thrive, no matter where they are in the world.

In Singapore, small business owners want to be able to turn their dreams into a reality by building a successful business in changing time. Like many business owners globally, having the time to do everything is an issue.  Few feel they are fully in control of their finances; held back by lack of financial skills, the ability to track finances and make real time decisions or even the fundamental challenge of getting paid.

Accounting software needs to be reliable, not add too much cost to the business and be easy to use. By keeping things simple to allow you to get ahead, focus on what’s critically important, and let your business run, is where QuickBooks helps you shine.

QuickBooks empowers and celebrates resilience of Singaporean small businesses who have not only survived, but thrived through challenging times. 

Get There Quicker, with the advantage of QuickBooks

Diversification as a means to future proofing and maintaining recognition through resilience is the new normal are key for small businesses across Singapore and you can Get There Quicker, with the advantage of QuickBooks.

We have and want to continue to celebrate the determination and resilience of Singaporean small businesses – that has seen them not only survive, but thrive through challenging times. QuickBooks is key to reduce and take away some of that pressure by helping you get paid and make better decisions for your business,  with accounting software that seamlessly fits into your business process, plan and way forward.

The Get There Quicker campaign showcased QuickBooks values and commitment to businesses. It focused on small businesses across Singapore and how they are champions of diversity, resilience and growth. It focused on business owners who have diversified and thrived during COVID-19 and trying circumstances. All while showing how we are all stronger together and how you can deliver exceptional results that others can count on. This is a driving force for us.

Using, and showcasing, real, small business owners and putting them front and centre in the campaign is a testament to how we truly care and support small businesses. The businesses featured were supported even further through media spaces for them to showcase their business – continually highlighted QuickBooks’ commitment to small businesses and opportunities for all.

The campaign also focused on accounting and overall business efficiencies – allowing business owners to focus on keeping the passion alive and do what is needed for the business to thrive and grow..

Meet Pang Kok Keong

Getting There Quicker is easy with the advantage of QuickBooks. When ex-Antoinette’s Chef, Pang Kok Keong, decided to let go of his business as COVID-19 no longer made it sustainable that didn’t stop him from creating new flavours. He started a pop-up selling Hakka dishes and eventually, he set up a permanent stall at a mall in Little India.

In-between it all, he has used QuickBooks and notably its expense tracking to help manage his finances on the go and focus on coming back stronger, all while juggling his business.

With QuickBooks’ smart, up-to-date business information, Pang Kok Keong never has to slow down to make informed decisions. Thanks to its business intelligence additions and ease of use, no matter where you are, you can keep track of what’s most important to your business.

Meet Danielle Chan

Getting There Quicker is easy with the advantage of QuickBooks. COVID-19 may have stopped the world but it didn’t stop Citiponics founder, Danielle Chan from following her dream. She has simply adapted to the changing times.

The agri-tech startup has faced a range of challenges over the past year and QuickBooks’ Cash-flow Planner is critical as it continues to enable Danielle to make better business decisions and grow her passion, from seed to shelf.

Meet Fiona Loh

Getting There Quicker is easy with the advantage of QuickBooks. While times were uncertain, United Overseas banker, Fiona Loh, decided to take the plunge, become a full-time baker and open Whiskdom, she didn’t expect the overwhelming support and response for her products.

Through it all, QuickBooks’ smarter business tools allow Fiona to save time with bookkeeping and focus on fulfilling her dream – all while allowing her business to grow and thrive. 

QuickBooks and our commitment to you

QuickBooks empowers and celebrates the ability of Singaporean small businesses delivering efficiency, who have not only survived, but thrived through challenging times. By keeping things simple to allow you to get ahead, focus on what’s critically important, and let your business run, is where QuickBooks helps you shine.

Share your QuickBooks story, discover more and get the free trial to see how QuickBooks can help you grow and thrive.

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