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The Digital Power Tool Kit

Staff Writer April 30, 2018

Now is a great time and place to be an entrepreneur, especially with the increasingly pro-business environment in Singapore. One of the key benefits is how connected we are and that means business owners can work from just about anywhere they want. Here are some powerful tools that will keep your company humming even if your business keeps you on the road.

Keeping it together

We know you have just so many ideas on how to expand and improve your business and you should keep a record of all of them in case opportunity comes a knockin’. Evernote is a classic tool that keeps all your notes, thoughts and research organised into notebooks which you can synched across multiple devices. You can even make voice notes and save web pages or screen grabs through their web app too. Sure, you might still have a soft spot for pen and paper, but leave that for your doodles and sketches in your free time — your business deserves to leverage technology to grow and succeed.

Talking about a growing business, it’s going to come to a point where you’re going to be dealing with more team mates and activations as your business gets bigger. To help you easily track your team’s progress and assist with task management, consider Trello. This helps everyone on the team collaborate well and get real time updates on ongoing projects wherever they are. It has a very handy calendar view to show everyone all their due dates too, so no one misses a deadline. If you need something that takes it to a whole, ’nother, level, check out 10,000ft. Manage your people, projects, budgets, apply time trackers and drool over their beautiful status reports whenever you like.

Take it to the market

Not very long ago, setting up an online store was a pretty daunting task for many. These days, setting up an online store is dead easy. Companies like Shopify allow you to easily create an e-commerce site using tons of templates, provides secure online payments and has partners coming out of their ears which means you can integrate it with your accounting software, CRM and even your shipping services. But hang on, maybe you just want to test your products out quickly or don’t need too much information on your site. In that case, homegrown marketplaces like Carousell or Shopee may be good places to kick things off and see how people take to what you’re selling.

Once you’ve got your online space, you want to let people know they can come by and hang out sometime. Time to create marketing eye candy to build a community of loyal fans. Not a designer? Neither are the millions of people who use Canva to create just about anything from social media graphics to business cards or menus. With these awesome creatives, programs like Buffer help to line up your social media schedule — created or curated — and post it at the most optimal times for your growing fans. Finally, for people who love you enough to get on your mailing list, reward them with messages from Mailchimp: you can send them information about the latest products and deals or automate a welcome message to get new customers up to speed on your brand the minute they sign up.

 Stay on top of your admin

Evie is a bit of a special one. She’s a homegrown AI powered administrative assistant who helps to manage your schedule. She deals with the email-dance-of-time-sucking-death we usually have to endure when setting up a meeting with busy people. And because she’s an AI, she learns how you work and makes your meetings work for you. In fact, many who’ve interacted with her don’t realise she isn’t a real person. No kidding.

Have a team you need to pay? Check out locally created Gpayroll to manage salary payments, CPF contributions and tax filing. It also helps you manage leave applications and expense claims so your team stays happy without you having to go through any pain. On the point of payments, another time saving gem is Intuit QuickBooks — the world’s leading online accounting solution that you can use to create invoices, know when you get paid and be cool and ready for tax season with all your finances in one place. Because all your information will be stored securely in the cloud, you can work on your money matters in a paperless way while on the go, saving you time (while doing your bit for the environment).

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