May 13, 2015 en_SG Why You Should Build Your Corporate Culture from Day 1

Why You Should Build Your Corporate Culture from Day 1

Derrick Kwa May 13, 2015

As you grow your small business, you’ll eventually have to start hiring new employees. This presents a whole new challenge. Managing people takes up a lot of time, and a different skillset. Your new hires need to understand you and your business.

This is where “corporate culture” comes into play. Establishing a suitable corporate culture is arguably one of the most important things that you as an entrepreneur can do for your business. Here’s why you should invest your time and effort in creating a great corporate culture right from the get-go.

Customer experience is still king

From the moment you hire someone, your customers will interact with him/her. This is especially true for businesses in the hospitality industry, where interactions between staff and customer can go up to 5,000 times in a single day. If your staff are not in alignment with your brand and how you deal with customers, this provides a lot of room for mistakes, and generates negative word-of-mouth – detrimental to early-stage businesses.

Do not risk messing up your Social Media

In today’s interconnected world, almost every brand is making use of social media. This can be a double-edged sword at times. Social media does not discriminate: it amplifies everything, both the good and the bad. Should you have any kind of poorly handled posts from one of your staff on your social media channels (or even their own social media), word will spread quickly and your reputation can suffer a lot of damage.

Keep your employees happy

People are very sensitive to perceived fairness. Unfair HR practices breed internal bitterness amongst your employees. A balanced and all-inclusive company culture is the best way to eliminate that. Having good internal employee relationships means a ton of time saved settling petty disputes.

Two-faced workers

Ideally, you don’t want to spend your time micro-managing employees, like worrying about whether work is getting done when you’re not in the office. Having a solid corporate culture (and hiring people who fit the culture) is the best way to ensure that. When your staff are in alignment with your corporate values and vision, they’ll have more internal motivation.

Forming a great company culture from day 1 isn’t easy, but it is worth it. By making clear what your company values, you’ll be able to make decisions and hire the right people, in alignment with those values.

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