Accounting definition: How to master the basics, 20+ concepts & 3 free spreadsheets

What is accounting? What terms and formulas matter? Learn the basics of small business accounting and get started with three downloadable templates.

How to Help Your Startup Profit

Losing sleep over the profitability of your business? The future success of your company is an obvious source of anxiety, but you can relax and prepar...

5 tips for finding the best accounting software for your small business

Not sure where to start with accounting software? We’ve put together our top tips for finding the best accounting software for your small business.

How to Create an Invoice

Let’s say you send 10 invoices per month, and the process takes you 1 hour a piece. This is time that you could be using fulfilling services or generating new business. Using software, you can trim your invoicing time down from 10 hours to 1 hour.

Climbing the Ladder as an Accountant in Singapore

Learn more about the available options and qualifications within the accounting field, as well as how you can launch your career right out of college to start climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. As long as you stay on track, hitting the top rung of the ladder is totally doable.

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