Track more than time with QuickBooks Time Custom Fields

Capture every detail and gain valuable business insight with a more detailed look at how your team spends time

Custom Fields

QuickBooks Time tracks time, but that’s not all it can do. It can also give you real-time business insight that you won’t get anywhere else. Custom Fields can revolutionize the way you run your business-simply by revolutionizing the way you track your time.

Simplify your job codes

Use Custom Fields to create just one field that applies to all your customers or job codes. Eliminate repetitive tasks and allow your employees to clock in faster! They won’t have to scroll through an endless list of job codes, and you’ll still get the information you need for accurate reporting.

Use Advanced Tracking to create just one field that applies to all your customers or job codes.

Track more than time

With Custom Fields, you can create important custom fields beyond standard job codes. For example, employees can use Custom Fields to indicate whether their time was billable or if they were injured on the job. They can use it to track their mileage or the tools they used for inventory purposes.

With Advanced Tracking, you can track more than job codes. Employees can track billable time, mileage, or whatever.

See more detailed reports

With Custom Fields, you can see at a glance how much time your employees are spending on each task, across the board. Click a task for a more detailed view of exactly how much time each employee spent on that task and which job codes or clients they worked on.

QuickBooks Time time tracking reports show work by job code or other criteria.

Tailored to Your Business

In typical QuickBooks Time fashion, you can tailor Custom Fields to fit the unique needs of your business. Create a Custom Field and select exactly which clients or job codes it applies to, require the custom field to be completed before clock out, or create dependencies to ensure you’re always getting the information you need.

Tailored to your employees

For businesses that have multiple groups, teams, or individual employees with specific jobs or functions to track time against, Custom Fields mapping makes clocking in quick and accurate. Assign custom fields to employees or groups, so each employee can only view and track time for fields made for them. Custom Fields mapping makes tracking time easier for admins and employees by reducing time tracking errors. Fewer mistakes by employees, fewer edits by admins.

Customize Advanced Tracking options to meet the needs of your business.

Get Organized With Dependencies

Custom Fields is a powerful tool for inventory and organization. Dependencies allow you to create custom fields that are dependent on other custom fields—so you always get the details you need and nothing you don’t.

Want to set up dependencies? Give us a call. We’ll make it happen!

Turn on Advanced Tracking in the Add-Ons menu.

Find Custom Fields in the Add-Ons Menu

Add up to six Custom Fields on your own, archive and unarchive custom fields as needed, and maximize your time tracking capabilities!

For more on Custom Fields, give us a call or chat with us right here on our website.

Turn on Custom Fields in the Add-Ons menu.
Start tracking more than just time with QuickBooks Time