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Make payroll efficient by giving spreadsheets the boot

No more illegible or lost paper time cards, or payroll spreadsheets. QuickBooks Time online and mobile time cards go anywhere your employees need to go.** Once time cards are reviewed and approved, employee hours sync directly into Gusto for an easy, and efficient, payroll process.**

Automate PTO & Accrual Tracking

Payroll can be complicated: tracking and entering accurate employee times, paid time off (PTO), accrual tracking and more. QuickBooks Time and attendance tracking with the Gusto integration, however, can make the process simple and efficient.** QuickBooks Time automates the process of tracking PTO and accruals, so you don’t have to. The one-click sync to Gusto, leaves no room for calculation errors. What are you waiting for? Try the simple life of QuickBooks Time and Gusto today.

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Save Time and Money

Automating time and attendance and payroll can save you money. QuickBooks Time reduces payroll costs by 4%, on average. If you’ve got five employees at $30,000 a year, that’s a potential $6,000 in annual savings!1

Easily manage overtime

Overtime is expensive, and can be difficult to stay on top of. Let QuickBooks Time notify you prior to overtime (to eliminate unnecessary overtime expenses), and keep track of overages on a daily or weekly basis, as needed.** And you guessed it – those hours easily sync into Gusto with one click. Just one more way QuickBooks Time and Gusto save you time and some payroll peace of mind.

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Try QuickBooks Time free for 30 days*

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