Using the accountant toolbox

In QuickBooks Online Accountant, we’ve put your most essential tools, the ones you use every day to support your clients, in one consistent place, no matter whose books you’re working on.

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Open accountant toolbox

Within your client’s QuickBooks Online Company, click the briefcase icon.

Trial Balance was designed by accountants for accountant use only and is intended to save time and effort at year end.

Reclassify Transactions allows you to reclassify multiple transactions at once.

The Voided/Deleted Transaction report is a shortcut to the audit log.

Write Off Invoices allows you to remove invoices from your sub-ledger and reverse any revenue amount.

Journal Entries allow you to stay organized by reclassifying amounts from one account to another.

Close Books allows you to set a date so the user will get a warning not to change/add a transaction before that date.

Reconcile takes you to the Reconciliation History & Reports Screen

Management Reports is where you can customize templates, create introductory pages, choose report options, add personalized endnotes, include finishing touches, and save and share with clients.

My Custom Reports are reports you have customized

Report Tools is where you can set a date range for the period in which you will be working.

Click Chart of Accounts to go directly to your client’s chart of accounts.

New Window allows you to duplicate the screen you currently have open in a new tab. This allows you to navigate to other screens within QuickBooks Online while keeping the screen in which you are currently working.

Intuit Tax Online is a link to web-based professional tax software that integrates with QuickBooks Online