Collaborate with Schedule C Clients Using QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Online Accountant works easily with QuickBooks Self-Employed. In the client list from QBOA, simply click on your self-employed client to launch QBSE and view all of their important information in one place. You or your client can easily classify transactions as business or personal and by Schedule C category. Clients can also classify transactions from their mobile devices, making it easy to stay organized even on the go. For transactions that aren’t captured automatically, clients can easily snap and store receipts from their phone. Mileage tracking is also easier in QBSE, automatic mileage tracking uses the GPS on their phones to accurately log their business miles. At tax time, you can view a detailed report of all these transactions organized in a spreadsheet that you can download in just one click. You can keep your clients on track throughout the year by looking at their quarterly estimated tax payments. If your client isn’t using QBSE yet, it’s easy to add them through QBOA.

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