Automate Payments

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Click Plus symbol, choose Sales Receipt.

Select a customer.

Select a product.

Choose a credit card as payment method.

Click Make recurring.

Enter a name for the template, one you'll recognize.

Choose Scheduled as the Type.

Enter the interval QuickBooks will use to charge the customer.

For example, you could automate the charge for every Wednesday starting on 11/01/2015.

Enter the Start date for the automated charges.

Now enter how many times you want to charge your customer (occurrences).

Click Save template.

To make this legal, you'll need your customer to sign an authorization form giving you permission to charge their credit card automatically.

If some things change, you can edit or delete recurring transactions. From the Gear menu, click Recurring Transactions.

Select the recurring transaction you want to change and click Edit.

You can change anything you want, like the interval or the amount.

If you want to stop this automatic transaction, go back to the list of Recurring Transactions. For the transaction you want to delete, click the drop-­down and select Delete.

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