Edit Your Chart of Accounts

Occasionally you might need to add, edit, or delete an account, or look at your chart of accounts. Here’s how.

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Navigate to the Expense Menu

From the Home Screen click the + menu and select Expense to add a new expense.

Enter Expense Details

On the Expense Page click on the Choose Payee drop-down menu to select the payee for your transaction.

Enter the Payment date and Payment method for your transaction.

Next, you’ll want to give this account a descriptive name so you can quickly find and use it later. In the Account Details section, beneath the first field labeled “Account” click on the drop-down menu button and choose a name for your account from the drop-down menu.

If you don’t see a name you like from the list of pre-loaded options available on the drop-down menu, click + Add New at the top of the list. This will open the Account Detail menu, where you can create your own custom account name and details.

Customize Account Details

In the Account Detail menu, select a Category Type from the drop-down menu options. Remember that what you choose here determines which financial statement this account will show up on and where it will show up – so it’s important that you choose correctly here.

Next, choose a Detail type that best fits the account.

Finally, enter a Name for the Account and a brief Description. Once, you’ve got everything the way you like it, click Save to exit the Account Detail menu.

Create an ``Ask My Accountant`` Account

Another good account to add is one named “Ask My Accountant.” You can use this account any time you’re not sure which of your accounts to use. To create this account, first navigate to Chart of Accounts by clicking on the Gear Icon from the home screen, then select Chart of Accounts beneath the column labeled “Settings.”

On the Chart of Accounts screen, click the New button to open the Account form menu.

On the Account form menu, choose Expenses as your “Category Type.”

Type the name “Ask My Accountant” into the name field on the right and click Save.

Edit an Existing Account

Once in a while you might need to edit an existing account. To do this from the Chart of Accounts screen, find the account you want to edit and click the drop-down menu next to the words View Register, then choose Edit to make your changes.

If you ever want to delete an existing account from your Chart of Accounts, find the account you want to edit on the Chart of Accounts screen. Click the drop-down menu next to the words View Register, then choose Delete.