Filing Payroll Taxes

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Check the Activities Window for ``Tax Forms Due`` Notification

Check the Activities area for a note that tax forms are due soon.

Check Tax Forms on Sidebar

You can always check to see what tax forms are due on the Payroll Tax Center. Click Taxes.

Then, click on Payroll.

Any tax forms that are coming due will be displayed in the Payroll Tax Center.

Review Quarterly Forms

Under “Forms,” click on Quarterly Forms.

Review Your Business' Form 941

To the right of Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return, click 941.

View a PDF Preview of Your Form

Click View to see a PDF preview of the form.

Review the form’s content to see if all information is correct.

If you’re not filing electronically, print the form, and mail it to your tax agency. Or download and print the forms from your tax agency’s website. QuickBooks gives you a worksheet with data that helps you fill out the form.

File Your Form Electronically (If You Don't Mail It In)

If you’re filing electronically, click Submit.