How to Use Sub-Customers

This tutorial will show you how use sub-customers in QuickBooks.

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Add a new customer.

On the left navigation bar, go to Customers and click “New Customers.”

Name the new customer.

For example, if you’re creating sub-customers for a client’s multiple locations, you could use the name of the manager of one of the locations.

Enter a display name.

This could be anything that’s meaningful to you, such as the address if this sub-customer is for one of several client locations.

Mark the new customer as a sub-customer.

Choose a parent for the sub-customer.

This is the main customer you’re creating a sub-customer for.

Choose how you want to bill the sub-customer.

Choose “Bill with parent” if you want to create a statement for the parent customer that includes invoices for this sub-customer. Save the sub-customer.

Now you can create invoices for the sub-customer.

You can see the invoice listed in the transactions for the parent company as well.

Click “Expand” to see the full Customer list and select the name of the parent company.

You can also modify your reports to display info just for a specific sub-customer.

For example, on the left navigation bar, go to Reports

…then click “Profit and Loss.”

Click on “Customize.”

Click on the “Columns” dropdown menu, then click on “Customers.”

Finally, click on “Run Report.”