How To Create An Invoice

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Enter your first invoice.

On your Dashboard, go to the Invoicing area and click Send your first invoice.

Select the customer you're invoicing.

If this isn’t a customer you’ve entered into QuickBooks yet, you can add her details here or just click Save to add this name to your Customer List.

Select the payment terms.

For example, Net 30 means this customer must pay this invoice within 30 days after the invoice date.

Now enter what you sold.

If you haven’t added this service or product yet, click Add. You can then enter the product or service information.

If you want to email the invoice to your customer, be be sure to enter her email address.

You can preview your invoice at any time.

At the bottom of the invoice, click Print or Preview. Click Close when you’re done.

You can customize how your invoice looks.

Click Customize, then Edit Current at the bottom of the invoice.

Select your logo file.

QuickBooks matches the template colors of your logo. If you’d like a different color from your logo, just pick it on the image.

If you’d like a different look, QuickBooks also has lots of templates to choose from.

To the left of the invoice, you can scroll through and select templates to change the look of your invoice. Save your invoice when you’re done.

Online Payments makes it fast and easy for your customers to pay you.

Click Get set up, the fill out a simple application.

When you’re ready to email your invoice, click Save and send.

You can change the subject and the body of the email to anything you like.

Click Send and close to send the invoice.

Your customer can click View Invoice and pay you from the invoice.