Mobile Banking

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On your computer, connect to your bank.

On the Homepage, under Bank Accounts, click Connect an account.

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On your mobile device, go to Banking.

Open QuickBooks on your mobile device. Tap the menu, then select Banking.

Look over new transactions.

If you have more than one bank or credit card account, swipe to find the right one. When you see the right account, tap New Transactions.

Review and accept your recognized transactions.

Tap Recognized. If the transaction is green, QuickBooks is confident it knows what to do. If you agree, swipe to accept it.

Review the remaining transactions.

Tap All. If the transaction is gray, QuickBooks guessed the category for you. If you agree, swipe to accept it.

If you make a mistake, you can always undo.

Find the transaction on the list and tap Undo.

You can always add more detail.

If QuickBooks didn’t guess the category, or if you want to add more information, just tap the transaction and fill in the details. Then tap Accept to add it..

You can also mark a transaction as a transfer.

You can also tap on a transaction to mark it as a transfer between accounts, such as a credit card payment, or search for possible matches already in QuickBooks.

It’s easy to sort, modify, and accept multiple transactions.

Tap the menu in the right top corner. From here you can also sort, modify, and accept multiple transactions. After you make changes, you can accept the modified transactions all at once.