Mobile Overview

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First you’ll see your Company Activity screen that lists all your activities, which includes everything you’ve done on your computer. To start a new activity tap the + (plus).

Tap the activity you want.

The menu gives you quick access to company contacts, transactions, reports, help and settings.

Tap Customers to see your customer list.

Tap a customer’s name to see all of their activities.

You can tap to their phone number to call them or their email address to email them. Or if you’re going to visit them, tap the pin to see a map with “step­ by­ step” directions.

Tap Back (<) to return to the customer’s details.

Tap < to return to the menu.

You can even review and reconcile your bank transactions. On the menu, tap Banking.

You can also check your Profit & Loss report to see how your business is doing. On the menu, tap Profit & Loss.

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