Nonprofit: Navigating QuickBooks

This tutorial will assist you in navigating QuickBooks as a nonprofit company.

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Create new transactions with the Create menu.

Say you want to record a pledge by one of your donors. Click the Create icon.

Use Search to find what you need.

Find recent transactions.

If you recently entered a transaction, you can click this clock.

QuickBooks lists all your recent transactions.

See all of your donors.

On the menu to the left, QuickBooks lists all your Donors and links to all the transactions with their name attached.

See all of your transactions.

Transactions group your transactions.

Money In transactions are under Sales.

Money Out transactions are under Expenditures.

View your reports.

Reports are also on the left menu.

You’ll see the two reports you probably use most: the statement of activity…

…and the statement of financial position.

Customize QuickBooks and check your settings.

You can get to your company settings and your QuickBooks account info using the gear menu.

You can change Donors to something else.

For example, if you have members instead of donors, it’s easy to change that in the Company Settings.

Turn on Class Tracking.

Class Tracking helps you organize income and expenses for different programs, fund raising, or general and administrative costs. We show you how to do that in another video.