Run payroll on the go

Need to complete your payroll tasks while away from your computer? The Online Payroll mobile app lets you pay employees and pay your payroll taxes on the go. Here's how.

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Download & Install the App

To get our mobile app, open the App Store on your mobile device tap Search.

Type “Intuit Online Payroll” into the search bar, then tap Search in the bottom right.

Install the app on your mobile device, wait until it’s fully installed then tap + Open.

Sign In

Enter your User ID and Password — the same ones you use for QuickBooks — then tap Sign In once you’ve entered your credentials.


Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see the Home screen with a list of your employees and a chart showing your past payrolls. To run payroll, tap Payday.

Enter hours worked, then tap Review in the top right to review your paychecks.

Notice that you can create both direct deposit and paper checks. When everything looks good, tap Approve in the upper right.

Tap OK to send your checks to Intuit for processing. We’ll let you know if there’s anything else you need to do.

Taxes & Forms

Like running payroll with the mobile app, paying taxes and filing tax forms takes just a few taps. Go to the Taxes & Forms screen to see what taxes and forms are due. Tap on an option in the list to inspect it and see payment and e-filing options.

Tap an item to review.

You can pay here or file electronically. To pay here, tap E-Pay in the top right.

To finalize your E-Payment, tap Pay Electronically. We’ll confirm that your e-payment or e-filing is successful, and let you know what’s next.

Set Up Notifications

Want to make sure you don’t miss a payroll task? Set up notifications to remind you when it’s time to run payroll or when taxes and forms are due. Just tap the Menu button in the top left from the Home screen.

Navigate to Settings on the tab menu.

Set your Notifications on the settings menu by sliding the buttons to the right of the options available.

And, of course, everything syncs with your Payroll account automatically. Be a payroll rockstar, and pay your employees and your payroll taxes even when you’re away from your computer. Download the Online Payroll mobile app, and get started today.