Payroll: Setting Up Full Service Payroll

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Full Service Payroll.

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How to Get Started

Go to the Employees screen…

…and click “Get started on payroll.”

We need you to tell us how you’re currently doing your payroll.

If you’ve used another service or you’ve been processing payroll manually, we’ll walk you through how to transition to Full Service Payroll.

Tell us about your company.

Enter your contact information and the type of business you’re in.

Enter the information for the bank account we’ll use to pay your payroll taxes as well as your employees if you choose direct deposit.

Scroll down and enter the routing number and account number that bank account. Click Next to continue.

Add the employees you want to pay.

Enter your employee’s name and the date you hired her.

We need some personal details about your employee.

Click “Enter a pay schedule.”

Set up a pay schedule for your employee and click “Done.“

Select how often you will pay your employee and the dates for the next payday. You can then same these setting to use for other employees.

Enter how much you pay the employee.

Include any deductions for the employee, and click “Done.“

After you’ve entered all your employees, click Next to go to the Compliance section.

Enter the tax information for your company.

We need this information so that we can correctly pay taxes for you.

Enter the information for the principal officer of you company.

We need to verify the identity of the principal officer in your company to avoid any fraud.

Follow the screen directions to complete all the necessary form.