Using the client dashboard

The client dashboard shows you what needs your attention with alerts, to-dos and recent activities for each client along with one-click access to their books and payroll.

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Client Dashboard

The client dashboard shows you what needs your attention with alerts, to-dos and recent activities for each client along with one-click access to their books and payroll.

See information about a client

Click any client’s name to see more information about that client, including recent bookkeeping activities, the last reconciliation dates, and the current account watchlist balances. Items of interest, such as changes to closed periods, unaccepted transactions, and other items appear in the right under “Review in QuickBooks.”

View the status of your clients books

The Bookkeeping column keeps you up to date on clients’ books at a glance. Here you can review the status of your clients’ books and recent activity such as when changes were last made, or when transactions were downloaded.

Open a client’s books

Click into a client’s books for a deeper dive by highlighting and clicking on the QuickBooks icon.

Run and review payroll

In the Payroll column you can review upcoming deadlines. Navigate to a client’s payroll from the client dashboard by clicking the QB icon under Payroll. Let’s look at Larry’s payroll.

Here you can run payroll and approve tax payments and filings.

Customize Client Dashboard

You can also customize your dashboard and specify what activities you want to see, and even add columns to view Requests and tax information.

Add a new client

Add clients to QuickBooks Accountant by clicking here.

Fill out the contact information. If you’re signing this client up for a new QuickBooks subscription, you have two billing options – both at a discount. Wholesale billing is one of the best features of QuickBooks Accountant. You get a big discount on QuickBooks subscriptions for clients, and your firm gets one bill for everyone on the plan. Plus, all the billing notifications go straight to you, so clients don’t see how much you’re paying.

Then choose if you or your client will be the QuickBooks Master Admin. The Master Admin is the owner and single point of contact for the QuickBooks company. When you designate your wholesale client as the Master Admin, your current access to QuickBooks functionality does not change. All billing notifications are still sent to you, and the client will not have access to any billing related information.

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