Reclassifying transactions

Reclassify Transactions is used to move transactions in batch from one account or class to another.  If you have changed your chart of accounts and set up sub-accounts to streamline your reporting, you can use this tool to reclassify the transactions into the correct sub account.  

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Navigate to Reclassify Transactions

Click on the Accountant Toolbox.

Find and click on the Reclassify Transactions in the drop down menu.

Find the transactions you're looking for

You can change the date range of the transactions you’d like to review and default basis appear in the top left corner.

The date range and default basis defaults are set in “Report Tools” screen in the Accountant Toolbox and can be modified at any time.  They can also be changed in each Reclassifying Transaction screen.

Review Profit or Loss Accounts or Balance Sheet Accounts.

Click on any category for more information.

See details to find transactions to reclassify.

Find what you’re looking for by filtering by name.

Bulk Actions

Perform a bulk action by highlighting multiple transactions at once.

Choose a new classification.

Look over the Profit & Loss to see the results of the reclassification.


Review classification reports.