Your First 7 Days in QuickBooks

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First, get to know the menu on the left.

All of your company’s information is stored here.

The Create menu (the plus sign), where you can start any activity like creating an invoice or entering an expense.

Click the gear icon, where you'll find the things you don't need to deal with very often.

Connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks so you can start categorizing transactions.

Start recording your sales by creating invoices or sales receipts and add customers as you go.

Download the free QuickBooks mobile app to your phone and tablet.

If you've got employees, get their info into QuickBooks and cut their first paychecks.

Invite your accountant to collaborate on your books or find an accountant who can work with you.

Sign up for QuickBooks Online Payments so your customers can pay you by credit card, debit card, or direct transfer.

We handle all the accounting behind the scenes.

Finally, connect any other apps you’re using with QuickBooks to integrate your business info into one place.