Benefits for Clients

Over 3.6 million Small Businesses choose QuickBooks Online. Discover how your clients can benefit too.1



Get QuickBooks Online Accountant

A smart financial move.

Small business owners are always hunting for cost-effective business solutions. Which
helps explain why so many are turning to QuickBooks Online.



More users
QuickBooks Online lets your clients get more for their money signing up unlimited users to access QuickBooks Online.

Free automatic upgrades

Free automatic upgrades
Your clients will never miss another upgrade or new feature.


Do more with apps
With access to a growing ecosystem of apps, your QuickBooks Online clients can create a solution that works uniquely for their business.

Free cloud storage

Free cloud storage
Your clients will no longer have to cover the cost of hosting. Their data will be securely stored on Intuit's servers.

Powerful efficiency.


Hands-free data entry

Hands-free data entry
Leave the busywork to us. When your clients
connect their bank accounts to QuickBooks
Online, their transactions will be automatically

Less paperwork

Less paperwork
Your clients will easily stay on top of their
books with the QuickBooks mobile app, which
lets them attach photos of their receipts to

More connections

More connections
Watch your clients fall in love with apps
designed to sync payment transactions,
import sales data, and more.

Greater flexibility. 

The days of running a business from a desk are disappearing. QuickBooks Online lets
your clients stay on top of their books anywhere, anytime thanks to:



On-demand access

On-demand access
Online access means on-the-go access.
With QuickBooks Online, your clients can
take their office with them anywhere.

Perfectly in sync

Perfectly in sync
Accuracy is easier when everyone's on the
same page. That's where QuickBooks
Online comes in, giving you and your
clients just one set of books to manage
in real time.

More mobility

More mobility
iPhone, iPad, Android—no matter what device
your clients prefer, they're never more than a
click (or swipe!) away from completing their
next task.

Easily scalable

Easily scalable
Cloud-based solutions enable businesses to
meet changes in demand by scaling up or
down—without investing in additional

Is QuickBooks Online right for your clients?

Different clients have different needs. Our research shows that cloud solutions such as
QuickBooks Online are flexible and powerful enough to meet many of those requirements.


We recommend QuickBooks Online

We recommend QuickBooks Online
for clients who:

  • Are always on the go
  • Run service-based businesses
  • Are comfortable working online
  • Want a low- or no-maintenance solution
  • Would benefit from basic business reports
  • Need a product that will grow with them
Working online

Working online is especially popular
in industries such as:

  • Trade services
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Accommodation & Food services
  • Construction

How to set up clients

Now that you know which clients to move onto QuickBooks Online, here are 2 easy ways
to set them up. Choose the option that best suits you and your clients' needs.




1. Click the Add client button on the top right of your screen.

2. Fill out the client's contact information. Choose a QuickBooks Online product to which to subscribe this client.

3. Select a billing option. Either the client pays for their subscription directly, or you can manage their subscriptions wholesale. Click Save.

1. Review the available pass-along offers, which enable you to share accountant-only savings with your clients. Choose the product and offer that is right for your client.

2. Share the link to the offer with your client.

3. Make sure your client adds you as their accountant by clicking the Invite Accountant button on the Manage Users tab in their QuickBooks Online.

Keep up with trends

Keep up with trends.

Ready to meet your clients in the cloud? Get started today.
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  1. Based on number of paying QuickBooks Online companies worldwide - May 2013