Features Payroll


With payroll conveniently integrated inside of QuickBooks Online, clients can pay employees in the same place where they run the rest of their business.

It's easy to run Payroll in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks stores all the employee details in one place, so you or your client can run payroll in minutes.


With QuickBooks your clients can:


W2 Employees

Calculate tax and National Insurance

File payroll tax

Review payroll and their books
with you in real-time

Access to payroll

Stay Auto-enrolment and RTI compliant

How does Payroll inside QuickBooks Online
help your clients - and you?


QuickBooks Online enables clients to:

  • Create payslips easily as QuickBooks automatically calculates tax, National Insurance and deductions.

  • Meet HMRC's RTI requirements by submitting their data at the press of a button.

  • Stay on top of Auto-enrolment with communication letters, automatic employee assessment and a pension provider payments file.

  • Easily review their books and payroll in real time.


Payroll inside QuickBooks Online lets you:

  • Easily collaborate with your clients in real-time by using QuickBooks Online Accountant.

  • Avoid double data entry as the payroll figures flow automatically into accounts.

How to turn on Payroll inside QuickBooks Online

Employees Tab

Log in to QuickBooks Online and click on the Employees tab in the left menu

Get Started

Click on the Turn On Payroll button on the right side of the screen.

Business Information

Follow the prompts to fill in their business and employee information, and to start running payroll