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To start spending your Marketing Funds, please complete the form below. You also can learn more on how the process works by downloading the Marketing Funds Guide.

Once you have submitted the form, a marketing consultant at Twogether, a third party marketing agency appointed by Quickbooks will get in touch, so you can put your funds to good use.

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Twogether will offer you the first available booking that suits your preferences.
This webinar will provide marketing guidance on how best to spend your funds.
PLEASE NOTE that the webinar links below will open in a new tab/window with our third party webinar provider 'gotowebinar'. Once you have finished registering with them please remember to complete and submit your marketing funds request form here otherwise it will not be valid.
As provided by QuickBooks on the My Marketing tab within the QuickBooks Online Accountant portal FREE
Provided by Twogether Creative Ltd. £50
Provided by Pelling Marketing by Design £150
Provided by MyFirmsPlatform £150
Provided by MyFirmsPlatform £300
Provided by Twogether Creative Ltd. £300+
Provided by Paul Evans Associates £500+
Provided by Twogether Creative Ltd. £650+
Provided by MyFirmsPlatform £900
Provided by MyFirmsPlatform £900
  1. The offer of the Marketing Funds is open only to accounting firms who have registered for QuickBooks Accountant and the ProAdvisor Programme.

  2. Unless otherwise specified in this Guide capitalised terms shall have the same meaning as defined in the ProAdvisor Programme.

  3. The Marketing Funds can be claimed exclusively by submitting the form attached to this Marketing Funds Guide and obtaining the first initial free consultation. If you have any question or need further information please contact your account manager at QuickBooks.

  4. This Marketing Funds Guide supplements the terms of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme Agreement entered into between you and QuickBooks and of the ProAdvisor brochure (“Brochure”) you have received as part of the Programme (a copy of which is available on the ProAdvisor area of QuickBooks Online Accountant) and its terms are to be read in conjunction with such documents that are incorporated herein by reference (all together referred to as the “Terms”).

  5. Subject to section 7, the Marketing Funds are provided by Intuit on the basis of the marketing plan you have formulated after the initial free consultation. The Marketing Funds are substantially a reimbursement of the cost of your marketing activity, up to the limit of the Marketing Funds applicable to the ProAdvisor Programme tier you have achieved and in accordance to the terms of the ProAdvisor Programme and the details contained in the ProAdvisor Brochure. Intuit has appointed a marketing agency Twogether Creative Ltd. (“Twogether”) to manage the process for the payment of the Marketing Funds. In order to initiate the Marketing Funds claim, the appointed individual within the ProAdvisor firm will sign-up for a free of charge consultation with Twogether, during which that individual will receive non-binding advice on how to purchase a recommended marketing asset and how to submit the receipt for reimbursement to Twogether. For the avoidance of doubt we would like to clarify that the purpose of the consultation is to initiate the claim and the ProAdvisor is free to use its own supplier for the provision of marketing collateral and materials.

  6. Important Disclosure: Twogether is an independent third party that Intuit has appointed to administer the reimbursement of the Marketing Funds. You are free to use or not the marketing services proposed by Twogether during the initial consultation. Please note that Twogether, Pelling, MyFirmsPlatform and Paul Evans Associates ("Marketing Agencies") are third party providers who have no connection with Intuit and are not endorsed by Intuit. It is your decision to choose the service provider that best fits your needs and it is your responsibility to ensure the activities and services proposed by the marketing consultant during the initial consultation and by the Marketing Agencies meets your needs and expectations. Please note as well that Marketing Agencies will charge various types of fees for any activity beyond the initial free consultation. Intuit does not warrant or guarantee the quality of the advice or other work provided or performed by any Marketing Agency and is not responsible for any acts, errors, or omissions of such Marketing Agency. Intuit does not receive any fee in relation to the activities under this Marketing Funds consultation and provision.

    Twogether Creative Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales.
    Registered office: 75 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3XF | Registered no: 07824276 | England

  7. By submitting the contact form provided with this Guide you agree to be contacted by one of Twogether’s marketing consultants for the purpose of obtaining the initial consultation and any other activity or services provided in relation to
    the Marketing Funds. You can reschedule the marketing consultation no more than 3 times within the 90 days term specified in section 11. If you fail to attend all 3 times then you will no longer be entitled to the free marketing consultation. Twogether will still process your Marketing Funds claim but will not be able to provide any marketing advice.

  8. The request for reimbursement should be submitted for the entire amount claimed and in one single request submission. Multiple requests for a refund shall not be accepted and only the first request will be processed for refund.

  9. The Marketing Funds is allocated on a per company basis, only one lot of Marketing Funds for each company or accounting firm. If Intuit records show that the entity submitting the claim form has already benefited from the fund or already started the process the claim will not be processed any further or will be rejected.

  10. The Marketing Funds are a one-off payment when reaching for the first time the eligible tier. You may also be eligible to redeem Marketing Funds you have not claimed for your previous and current tier. For example, if you have moved from the Silver to the Platinum tier without claiming the Marketing Funds attributable to the Silver and Gold tiers you will be entitled to £1350.

  11. In order to obtain the payment of the Marketing Funds you need to ensure that all activities are performed and completed within 90 (ninety) days from the initial consultation and submit all invoices or receipts evidencing the amount spent and the details of the activities performed no later than 60 (sixty) days from completion of the activities. Reimbursement claims submitted after such period will not be accepted.

  12. Your claim will be examined and you will receive either confirmation that the reimbursement is being processed or a rejection of the claim in the case the documentation provided in support of the reimbursement claim is deemed by Intuit as incorrect, incomplete, erroneous or anyway in violation of the Terms. Subject to the claim being in compliance with the Terms Intuit aims to pay any reimbursement correctly submitted within 7 working days after the claim has been assessed and approved by Intuit.

  13. Intuit reserves the right to withhold payment, in whole or in part, of the Marketing Funds if (i) you are in violation of the ProAdvisor Programme Agreement or of the QuickBooks Online / QuickBooks Online Accountant terms of service; (ii)
    the documentation provided in support of the marketing activity to be reimbursed is, in Intuit's sole opinion, incomplete, inadequate or incorrect; (iii) you have been advised that the marketing activity you intend to claim for is not eligible for the Marketing Funds; (iv) if you have not applied for the initial consultation and/or not followed the Marketing Funds claim process described in this Marketing Funds Guide.

  14. The payment of the amounts to be reimbursed as Marketing Funds are issued on Intuit's behalf by:

    Birch Worldwide Ltd
    Registered office: 1, Andromeda House, Calleva Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG78AP, UK | Registered no: 4565956 | England

    Intuit Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales | Registered no: 2679414 | VAT no: 570 145 265

  15. Non-marketing related activities do not qualify for reimbursement such as purchases of ipads, laptops or any "Hardware" (defined as IT equipments electronic systems, tools, machinery and other durable equipments). You can leased them but purchases are not covered by the marketing funds.