Helps Self-Employed clients manage cash flow - so you can efficiently prepare their taxes


Starting at £6.00 £2.99/month* - 50% OFF first 24 months



Perfect for Sole Trader, Freelancer & Contractor Clients


Who file a SA103





Client tracks expenses


Client separates personal from business transactions to estimate tax



Less time on tax prep


Client sends you tax report matching HMRC SA103 for quick self-assessment



Grow your practice


Be more efficient with self-employed clients so you can focus on getting new clients & providing strategic services

Take a 30 second tour






Tax payments
estimated for you



Connect accounts to see
income and expenses



Track allowable mileage



Tax report matches



All income and expenses
organised in one place



Count on security with
bank-grade encryption


Pass-along exclusive discounts


Your clients pay for their own subscriptions





50% OFF first 24 months - was £6.00/month





  • Separate business from personal spending
  • Estimate tax payments
  • Track mileage deductions
  • Track income and expenses
  • Download transactions from bank and credit card accounts
  • Same security and encryption as banks
  • Tax report matches HMRC for easy submission


Frequently asked questions

I heard you don’t do invoicing, but what if I need that?

If you send fewer than 10 invoices a month, you can use any number of free invoicing sites. If you have a high volume of invoices, and you need to send your estimates and invoices from within QuickBooks, check out Simple Start.

Can you help me track sales from Etsy or Shopify?

Well, the answer to this one is a little 'yes' and a little 'no.' We can track the income from your sales when those payments reach your bank. We can help make sure you pay your self-employment and income tax on those earnings as estimated tax payments. But we currently don't support VAT and we don't connect directly with those sites.

Can I use this product without connecting my bank?

You could, but why put yourself through that kind of pain? Millions of people securely connect their banks and credit cards using Intuit products. It saves a ton of time and hassle, helps you track all of your income and spending from all your banks in one place, and improves accuracy immensely over typing by hand. If one of your banks or credit cards is not supported, you can import transactions using our system.

Can I transfer my data from another QuickBooks account?

Nope, sorry. There are other versions of QuickBooks that let you transfer data, but QuickBooks Self-Employed does not.

I'm looking for QuickBooks Desktop. Where can I find your desktop products?

Shop here, my friend! Though, if you’re self-employed and have an Internet connection, you should really go with us!



Have a different question? Call Sales 0800 014 2654


Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures

If you select the Free Trial option the first thirty (30) days subscription to QuickBooks, starting from the date of enrollment, is free. To continue using QuickBooks after your 30-day trial, you'll be asked to present a valid credit card for authorization, and you'll be charged the then current fee for the service(s) you've selected. All prices shown exclude VAT. Offer(s) are valid for new QuickBooks customers only and available for a limited time. Offer cannot be combined with any other QuickBooks Online offers. Terms, conditions, features, pricing, service and support are subject to change without notice. 

* Receive a 50% discount off the current monthly subscription price for QuickBooks Self-Employed and pay only £2.99 per month for the duration of your subscription starting from the date you subscribe for the service. After the first 24 months, your account will be charged on a monthly basis at the then current price until you cancel. In order to obtain the discount you need to select the Buy Now option and will not receive the free 30 days trial offer. The above discount offer is available only to new QuickBooks Self-Employed customers and cannot be combined with any other QuickBooks Online offers. 
† Additional charges apply.

1) 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the same encryption technology used by some of the world's top banking institutions to secure data that is sent over the Internet.

2) QuickBooks Online requires a computer with a supported Internet browser and an Internet connection (a high-speed connection is recommended). The QuickBooks Online Simple Start mobile companion app works with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Devices sold separately; data plan required. Not all features are available on the mobile app and mobile browser. QuickBooks Online mobile access is included with your QuickBooks Online subscription at no additional cost. Data access is subject to cellular/internet provider network availability and occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance and events beyond your control. Product registration required.

3)  Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Word and Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010.

4)  For Simple Start version only, invite up to two accounting professionals, such as your accountant or bookkeeper, to access your data. Once they accept your invitation they will automatically get signed up for QuickBooks Online Accountant, allowing them to access your data.

5)  Applications may be subject to separate terms of use and additional fees may apply.