Game Changing Trends

Game-Changing Trends

88% of UK small businesses demand cloud based services from their accountants. Understand what this trend means for your practice*



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The cloud means greater flexibility,
lower costs, and more big data.

Here's what that means for small businesses and their accountants.

More Efficiency
Client data is securely stored offsite, but is always accessible-and it's always running on the latest version of QuickBooks.

More Scalability
Cloud-based solutions are scalable up and down, enabling businesses to meet changes in demand without investing in more resources

Less Maintenance
Small businesses can merge online tools into a single platform, reducing configuration and maintenance costs.

Less Manual Work
More automation means greater productivity-and less money lost due to inefficiencies.

Better Decision-making
Accountants who learn to collect, manage and analyse the big data generated by small businesses will have a large competitive advantage over their peers.

Airtight Security
The massive shift from desktop to online continues to spur new innovations in data security, ensuring that personal and financial information is protected in the cloud.
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The cloud means stronger client relationships.

As small businesses change the way they work by moving online,
the client-accountant relationship is evolving. Here's what to expect:


The big impact of automation

Many services currently provided by accounting professionals, especially low-value or easily automated services such as data entry and bookkeeping will become less profitable and even disappear due to competition, automation and outsourcing.

More emphasis on consulting and advising

Successful accounting professionals will adopt new roles as consultants and advisors, providing performance management advice, decision support and other services.

New Expectation

New generation, new expectations

The rapidly growing, tech-oriented Gen Y segment of clients expects to interact with its accounting professionals digitally, using online and self-serve customer support in addition to traditional methods.

*Intuit (UK) Ltd commissioned a study into ‘The Changing Role of Accountancy’. Conducted by Coleman Parkes in September and October 2013, this UK research includes feedback from 100 senior managers and owners of accountancy firms with between five and 250 employees. In addition 200 senior managers and owners of SMBs with between two and 250 employees were interviewed.