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Free Invoice Template Download – get your cash flow in good health

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Whatever products or services your business provides, you’ll need to produce invoices before anyone will pay you. Apart from ensuring you get paid, invoices are an essential record of your sales transactions as well.

If you’re just setting up in business, you need to get your invoicing right from the start, so you can avoid problems further down the line.

Good invoices and bad invoices?

Professional invoices and efficient invoicing systems are an essential part of maintaining a healthy cash flow – get them wrong and you even risk bankruptcy.

A smart, clear invoice doesn’t just reflect well on your company’s image - it’s an effective way of getting hold of the money you’re owed. According to, you’re three times more likely to get paid on time if you send professional, branded invoices. .

(Alarmingly, also found that up to 16% of invoices never get paid at all).

"You’re three times more likely to get paid on time if you send professional, branded invoices"

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How complicated can invoices be?

Invoicing needn’t be a nightmare. To make it really simple for you we’ve provided a free invoice template for you to use now and get the process started. Find it in the link at the bottom of this article.

Our free invoice template includes:

  • an invoice number
  • the balance due
  • the payment terms
  • an itemised list of services or products delivered.

Just complete your details, add your company logo and sent it to your client for payment. Job done.

Used alongside a clear contract, this free downloadable template will help reduce the time it takes to get your invoices paid. And fewer unpaid invoices means less time spent tracking down payments, which in turn leaves more time for you to focus on growing your business.

Oh, and by the way, if you send your invoice out the day you complete the project or mail out the goods, you’re twice as likely to get paid on time.

Get paid on time

Sending professional invoices out on time means you get paid faster. Discover how QuickBooks makes all the difference.

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Automate your invoicing and your invoice tracking

While you’re thinking about your invoices, it’s well worth thinking about a truly automated system. Find out how QuickBooks can save you even more time by automating your invoicing as well.

QuickBooks invoicing software makes it even easier by sending your invoices out for you - which can help you get paid more quickly. You’ll be able to create and send customised invoices from any device, anywhere, and receive messages when your customers open them. You can even send out recurring invoices automatically – and get reminders when they’re due.

What’s more, you’ll be able to track invoice payments, too, because QuickBooks links to your bank account and automatically detects payments, leaving you more time to earn the money in the first place.

Investing just the smallest amount of time in getting your invoicing right will pay off ultimately.

We hope you’ve found this article and the free invoice template download useful. QuickBooks provide solutions to many common business problems, including getting paid more quickly.

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