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An inspired idea

Kathryn Hall runs Shabby2Chic Boutique, selling handcrafted home décor and gifts. The idea for the business started about four years ago when Kathryn had to have time off work with a chronic health condition. “I started painting furniture to occupy my time. Then when friends and family started asking if I could make them something, I realised I could take it further. Kathryn’s uncertainty her health drove her ambition for the business. “I needed something that I had control over if I needed to take time off. This was something that I could work towards by myself.”

Kathryn posted her first painted storage jars on Facebook and Instagram and was stunned by the positive response. “Everybody went crazy for them. People were messaging me from all over the world wanting to purchase them. And that’s where I realised that I could make an actual living doing this.”

Taking the plunge

Kathryn had planned to get properly established before she left her job, but when demand went through the roof in the run up to Christmas 2017 she was forced to make a decision. “I had to quit my job because the demand was so high. That's what I wanted.”

She’s been using QuickBooks to manage her business for about two years now. “QuickBooks is really simple and easy to use. It really helps you to be able to know exactly where you are on the dashboard and it integrates with Etsy, which is our main selling platform. It also takes away the daily stresses to give you more time to be able to deal with the things that you really love and create the products. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Staying in control

Kathryn understands that quality is key to her brand’s reputation and is determined to stay on top of it. “even if that means I've got to continuously work 16 a day, seven days a week, that comes before anything else”. She already employs a trusted friend and had hoped to take on another member of staff before Black Friday but is too busy to invest the time needed to train them. “We're just going to have to hold off and look at taking a member of staff on now after Christmas, once everything's kind of calmed down a little bit.”

Positively busy

Kathryn’s in no doubt that setting up her business was a great decision, even during hectic periods. “Shabby2Chic Boutique helps me to focus on something positive and gives me a real sense of purpose.”

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