Moving to the Cloud: Ash’s Story


Ash is a true millennial and digital guru, having started his first online company aged 19. Today, he is a freelance social media manager and content marketer who works with both startups and established brands to help them stand out in the crowded online space.

Ash’s Challenge

Ash was using QuickBooks Desktop but as his job requires him to work in different locations, he needed a product that he could use on the go. About a year ago, Ash’s accountant recommended moving to QuickBooks Online which would enable Ash to manage his finances on the move, whilst cutting costs and providing an intuitive and easy to use system.


"Because everything is in the product, it cuts down on the number of emails, files and calls my accountant and I exchange."

How QuickBooks helps

Ash now has the freedom to work anywhere and at any time. “Prior to QuickBooks I’d spend hours figuring out my accounts, invoicing and billing – I dreaded the accounting side of my business. Now I can get everything done in minutes and spend time doing what I love – helping clients market their business more effectively.”

He says that QuickBooks limits the workload between him and his accountant and their relationship is more efficient, “because everything is in the product, it cuts down on the number of emails, files and calls my accountant and I exchange.”



Real-time Dashboard

When on the go, QuickBooks gives Ash instant visibility into his finances, allowing him to prioritise and make better business decisions. "The real-time dashboard in QuickBooks Online shows how my business stands at any moment. I can see when I was last paid and where I need to focus on. My expenses dashboard shows me where I am spending and what’s important." “Doing expenses and invoices now only takes seconds. I save so much time by syncing my online bank account."

Beginning to work in the cloud

Ash immediately felt the benefits of moving from QuickBooks Desktop to the online solution, giving him time back to grow his business.

“Migration from QuickBooks Desktop took no time at all; I would recommend anyone on desktop to move to online as it will save you so much time. I went from spending a few hours a week figuring out my accounts, to no more than 30-45 minutes every week.”

“Getting set up on QuickBooks Online made everything 100 times easier. I immediately felt the benefits of QuickBooks– personally and professionally. It changed from being an accounting software solution to a valuable business tool that I could use to track the performance of all areas of my business.” 


Dealing with various clients, Ash needs to be reassured that he can manage his expenses quickly and efficiently in a way that doesn’t affect the rest of his work.

"I do a lot of my work on either my phone or iPad, so having a good app was a huge benefit."

"I often work at random hours or on the road, so it’s ideal being able to access something anytime from anywhere. The design of the app is also fantastic and really sets QuickBooks apart from the competition."


The Future for Ash

What Ash loves most about his job is meeting new entrepreneurs who are in an exciting stage of their start-up and doing what they are truly passionate about. With less time spent on his accounting needs, Ash can focus on what matters most.

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