Starting-up: Phil’s Story


Phil Hakim runs GigPlug, a social media based recruitment platform that rewards its users with bounty payments for referring their friends and contacts for job vacancies. GigPlug offers companies a higher standard of candidates through the network of its users than a typical recruitment agency could offer as it works by personal referrals. Phil had the idea for GigPlug three years ago and began trading in August 2014. After working in the corporate world for seven years Phil wanted to start his own business in order to be in control of something he was truly passionate about. He loves the freedom he gets from running his own business and is looking forward to GigPlug to become a disruptive force in its industry.

Phil’s Challenge

The biggest challenge Phil has is the responsibility of taking on all the administrative tasks in running his business. He was using Google Docs as he liked working in an online platform but found it wasn’t allowing him to do everything he needed to run his finances effectively. Phil also used Microsoft Word documents to manually create invoices, a process that he found disorganised, manual and which meant his invoices were not standardised. He needed an online solution that gave him all the tools he required in one platform. QuickBooks Online was recommended by an investor and he immediately started a free trial.


"QuickBooks has enabled us to improve our customer experience, by improving the professionalism and simplicity of our invoices."


How QuickBooks helps

By moving to QuickBooks, Phil has been able to consolidate his processes into one platform, saving him a significant amount of time.



"It was a relief moving to QuickBooks, which is more integrated and organised."

Integrated System

"Its great to have everything in one place, via one dashboard, that I can manage in one sitting. Rather than moving around to different documents saved in different places, in different formats and programs"

When managing cash flow, Phil has the ability to see how his overall business is operating, allowing him to remain in control and make better business decisions.


“When I was first setting QuickBooks up, I contacted the Care Team in order to understand where things were and to get to grips with the tool, which was a really positive experience!”

When getting set up, Phil used the self-help section of QuickBooks webpage. He was also in contact with the free phone support service.

“The staff were really responsive. Compared to other products I have used both professionally and personally and needed support for, it was a really positive experience, I wasn’t waiting on the phone for long periods.” 


Personalised Invoices

“With QuickBooks, I know exactly when an invoice was issued, when it was due, when it was paid, and when it hasn’t been.”

As GigPlug took on more clients, it was important for Phil to have a high standard of customer interaction. With tailored and customised invoices on hand, Phil can increase efficiency and save time. QuickBooks eliminates the chances of inconsistency when manually creating invoices in Word.

“QuickBooks has enabled us to improve our customer experience, by improving the professionalism and simplicity of our invoices.” 


The future of GigPlug

Having started his business 12 months ago, Phil loves being his own boss and having the freedom of making his own decisions. He wants to grow his business into one that makes a difference to his customers’ and employees’ lives. 


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