Clearer Insights: Katie's Story


Katie Lynn creates fused glass gifts and decorations. She hand makes each ornament in her studio at her home in Essex. Fused glass originally started as a hobby for Katie, it then evolved into making simple products, selling to friends and family, engaging in trade shows and selling to retailers. Since 2009, her company Molten Wonky has been running successfully and she now offers workshops where customers can create their own ornaments - even glass selfies!

Molten Wonky’s challenge

As Katie’s business began to grow she found that she needed a robust system that gave her insight and enabled her to make commercial decisions. She was using Microsoft Excel but found it very manual and time consuming so researched various software solutions, choosing QuickBooks Online due to its efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.

Katie found QuickBooks to be the best value for money and it does exactly what she needs it to do. Since moving to QuickBooks she has more time to spend on other areas of the business.


"Reporting in QuickBooks helps me understand where money is coming in and from where, and how much I’ve spent."



One of the main features Katie uses in QuickBooks is the reporting. This provides her with accurate information about the current position of her business. The reports offered allow her to stay on top of her business’ needs and to understand the performance of her business.  

“I put all my ins and outs into QuickBooks and I can look at all sorts of different reports. There’s a good selection of reports you can do, even in the basic package.”

Speed of payments

Katie has noticed significant benefits with QuickBooks Payments. By creating and sending invoices directly from QuickBooks, she gets paid faster and her customers have a better experience.

 “I’ve recently added payments onto my QuickBooks account. It was really quick and easy to set up. When I send out batches of invoices, customers can then pay by card there and then, and I get paid pretty quickly! I’ve also connected my bank account, which is also on my invoices.”


Personalised invoices

Customised invoices in QuickBooks allow Katie to communicate Molten Wonky’s quirky personality into every part of her business. Figures and data from Katie’s invoices then flow into her accounts and reports. 

The ability to quickly generate repeat invoices has also proved to be a particularly useful feature of QuickBooks for Katie.

 “The main benefit I noticed since moving from Excel, is automation. Instead of manually inputting customer data, QuickBooks remembers purchases from existing records, saving me time in the process”

 “When someone is buying stuff from you, you need it to look professional. QuickBooks invoicing helps with that!”

The future for Molten Wonky

Katie loves running her business and customers adore her products. As a mother of four, one of Katie’s priorities is striking a work-life balance between living out her passion and enjoying time with her family. Along with a great work ethic, QuickBooks helps Katie to maintain that balance. 

What’s next for Katie? “World domination with Wonkys!” 

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