Spend less time checking your statements

QuickBooks Online automatically downloads and reconciles your bank transactions

  • QuickBooks securely connects to most major UK banks
  • New transactions are downloaded from your bank every 24 hours
  • QuickBooks matches bank statements with transactions in your accounts
  • Connect QuickBooks to your online banking and reduce the effort of reconciliation
  • QuickBooks learns from how you classify transactions
  • Rather not connect your bank? You can import your statements individually too

It’s easier and quicker to keep your accounts up to date

Spend less time reviewing bank statements


QuickBooks downloads transactions from your online bank and categorises them in your company accounts, so you spend less time on manual data entry.


Expenses are identified and income can be automatically matched to existing transactions, so updating your accounts is super-fast.


Thanks to QuickBooks, you can spend less time on paperwork and more on growing your business.


Have confidence in the numbers


Cash flow is critical, so connecting a bank or credit card to QuickBooks means you know you're seeing up-to-date figures.


The latest data is downloaded from your bank every 24 hours, to make sure you have the state of your business at your fingertips.


Reconciliation becomes easier, too. QuickBooks can do most of the work using the transactions it's downloaded. Say goodbye to the frustration of comparing pieces of paper — and hello to more time.

QuickBooks gets faster as it learns


QuickBooks does its best to match transactions automatically, but sometimes it will come across something it doesn't recognise.


When a transaction can't be identified, you'll be asked how QuickBooks should handle it.


Now for the clever bit: QuickBooks will remember your response and use it to categorise future transactions efficiently. The more you use it, the better it gets at helping to save you time.


Connect to major UK banks


QuickBooks can connect securely to a growing number of UK banks.


Your bank's usual security measures protect the connection and all QuickBooks can do is read your statements. It has no access to your funds, so you can download transactions with confidence.


Connections to most business bank accounts in the UK are available, and we're constantly working to add new providers.

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The lowdown on QuickBooks online banking




We walk you through the step-by-step process of safely connecting QuickBooks to your bank account(s).




With no need to review paper statements by hand, you can process bank statements in seconds.




Statements are downloaded every 24 hours and QuickBooks flags anything you need to deal with.




More than one account? Connect as many as you need and view all transactions in a single report.

And it's not just for your bank statements...

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Work with your accountant


Let your accountant access your latest figures, whenever they need to.


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Understand your company


Create realtime reports so you always know what's happening in your company.


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Run payroll quickly, easily and for free with QuickBooks Online.


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