Track your company's cash flow with QuickBooks

Stay on top of your cash flow to understand your business and make better decisions

  • What's in the bank? Check your current cash position in moments
  • Customise your cash flow statement to show the details that matter
  • Find ways to improve how cash moves through your business
  • Make sure you have always have enough cash to cover your spending
  • In your cash flow report, just click or tap a figure to see it in detail 
  • Receive your cash flow statement regularly by email, or save a copy

Find out how easy it is to track your cash flow with QuickBooks

Make it easy to understand your cash flow


QuickBooks shows your cash position, enabling you to understand how cash flow affects your business.


With real-time cash flow data available in business reports and dashboards, you can stay informed and make sure your company is moving in the right direction.


Manage cash flow the way that suits you


Even highly profitable companies need to watch their cash flow, so QuickBooks provides a range of tools and reports to track your position.


Because QuickBooks makes it easy to stay close to your cash flow data, you'll be confident and assured when it comes to making decisions.

Generate your cash flow report instantly


The cash flow report lies at the heart of cash management in QuickBooks. It uses real-time data to show your current cash position and cash flow trends over a given period.


View an up-to-the-minute cash flow statement on the go, receive it automatically via email and share it easily with your colleagues.


Spot opportunities and avoid surprises


A healthy business needs healthy cash flow - and with QuickBooks you'll always know what's happening with your cash.


That helps you avoid unwelcome gaps in your cash flow, identify what you have available to spend - and manage your finances more effectively.

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The lowdown on cash flow in QuickBooks




View your latest cash flow figures whenever you're signed in to QuickBooks.




Every cash flow report uses your very latest accounting data, so you can be confident it's accurate.




Let cash flow reports come to you. QuickBooks sends your latest cash flow figures automatically, via email.




Customise your cash flow statement to show different periods of time, specific customers, suppliers and more...

And it's not just for your cash flow...

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Create profit & loss report


See how much money you're making - and when you're making it.


P&L report >



View balance sheet


Always know what you owe - and what you're owed.


Balance sheet report >



Work with your accountant


Let your accountant access your latest figures, whenever they need to.


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Start monitoring your cash flow with QuickBooks