Easily create professional, customised invoices

Make sure every invoice your business sends is smart and professional

  • Get started by choosing from our free invoice templates
  • Add your logo and QuickBooks will match a colour scheme
  • Get your business noticed by tailoring the look of your invoice
  • Save as many invoice designs as you like, to reuse when you want
  • Send invoices straightaway by email — or pop them in the post

Start creating your own invoices in QuickBooks today

Make a great impression with every invoice


Use our templates to keep your invoices looking sharp. You can personalise virtually everything:

  • Upload your logo and choose a matching colour scheme
  • Play with text sizes, spacing, fonts and template styles
  • Use customised fields to show the information you need


You can save as many invoice templates as you want, then use them whenever you need to.


Do your invoicing in next to no time


The faster you send your invoices, the more time you'll have to grow your business.. Here's how easy it can be:

  1. Pull in customer details from your customer list
  2. Choose products and services from a dropdown
  3. Check all the details and hit 'Send'


QuickBooks will create the invoice for you, using the template you've chosen.

Put an end to slow payment


QuickBooks helps you to track payments, by showing you which customers have read their invoices.

  • Check the status of each invoice instantly
  • Let customers ask you questions and respond online
  • Quickly see when payments are nearly due or outstanding
QuickBooks makes it easy to see when you need to remind a customer about an unpaid invoice.

See QuickBooks invoicing software in action


Step through this short demo to see how easily you can create and send an invoice


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The lowdown on QuickBooks invoicing




Choose a template, add your logo and you're set. And you can customise your invoices whenever you like.




Keep track of when invoices have been viewed and paid - and see how your cash flow is affected.




Create and send an invoice without leaving QuickBooks. Invoices will use your chosen template automatically.




Save as many invoice templates as you need and customise virtually every aspect of how they look.

And it's not just for designing invoices...

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Understand your company


Create up-to-the-minute reports so you always know what's happening in your company.


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Check bank statements


You'll never have to go through another bank statement by hand again.


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Run payroll for free


Run payroll quickly, easily and for free with QuickBooks Online.


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