Payroll software that's there when you need it

PaySuite within QuickBooks includes everything you need for hassle-free payroll

  • Manage your accounts and run payroll from the same place
  • Payroll is always available, so you can turn it on when you need it
  • Run payroll and create payslips in just a few steps
  • Send payslips by email, or print them out and post them
  • Easily manage holidays, absences and payroll deductions
  • Calculate tax and National Insurance and submit RTI data to HMRC

Run your payroll easily with QuickBooks

Run accurate payroll in minutes


QuickBooks makes payroll straightforward, by breaking it into simple steps and handling the calculations for you.


You choose who to pay, enter any one-off payments (covering bonuses, etc) and then check the pay run details.


Once you approve the pay run, you can send pay slips and submit real-time payroll data to HMRC.


Keep your payroll and accounts together


When you sign up to QuickBooks, you get everything to manage your accounts and payroll in one place.


Payroll figures flow into your accounts, so you can see the impact on your cash flow without transferring figures manually.


You access it all with one password — and pay one monthly price.

Handle HMRC without breaking into a sweat


Whenever you run payroll, QuickBooks calculates tax and National Insurance using tax tables that are kept up-to-date.


You can submit RTI (Real Time Information) data to HMRC from right within QuickBooks. And if it's the end of the tax year or your payroll is changing, QuickBooks creates the forms you need - like P60s and P45s.


Take employee absence in your stride


Track of holidays, sick leave and other types of absence.


QuickBooks adjusts pay based on criteria you control, and you can view reports and figures about employee absence.


You can also make one-off payments for things like bonuses and expenses — QuickBooks will adjust payslips and deduct the right amount of tax.

The lowdown on payroll in QuickBooks




A step-by-step wizard gets you set up so you can run payroll in a few easy steps.




Sign in to run payroll from practically anywhere and submit RTI data to HMRC.




You can turn on payroll when you need it - and we keep all tax tables and rules updated for you automatically.




QuickBooks brings your accounts and payroll together, so you can see how payroll affects your finances.

And it's not just for running payroll...

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Work with your accountant


Let your accountant access your latest figures, whenever they need to.


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Understand your company


Create realtime reports so you always know what's happening in your company.


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Check bank statements


You'll never have to go through another bank statement again.


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