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78%* of small & medium businesses in the UK have adopted the cloud for their business, now is the perfect time for you to join them.

Learn how you can adopt cloud technology and take advantage of the technological advances that are quickly changing the accountancy landscape.

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The future is now. Grow your business & attract more clients by embracing cloud technology. Get started with our step-by-step action plan to help you make your firm digital.

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  • Reduce hours of data entry with our collection of tools
  • Access your clients' data wherever you are, at any time
  • Unlock insights from your clients' businesses
  • Manage a single set of data in real time
  • Work from your laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android device, iPad or other tablet
  • Get started quickly with our free classroom training and support
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Meet a firm that became digital

Gascoynes Chartered Accountants achieved closer integration and greater efficiency, all through a move to our cloud-based platform. Cost reductions were immediate and collaboration with their clients has massively improved.

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"Previously, we had to ring clients to get access to their files, but now information flows much quicker to and from clients, allowing us to work how, where and when we want to."

Chris Reeve - Gascoynes Ltd Chartered Accountants

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* The percentage of firms using two or more cloud services as of February 2016, from Cloud Industry Forum.