How to add a customer | Get started tutorial

How to add a customer

Learn how to easily and efficiently manage all of your customers in one handy location.

Before you start:
Adding customers will help you keep track of all your outgoings and incomings. You can easily import a list of customers from existing spreadsheets.

Benefits include

  • Conveniently manage all your customers in one place.
  • Quickly and easily send invoices.
  • Record payments.

Step-by-step guide

Adding a customer for the first time

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  • From the left menu, select Sales.
  • Select the Customers tab.
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Step 2 of 2

  • Add name, telephone number and email.
  • Add as much additional information as you need.
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Step-by-step guide

Import customers from a CSV file

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  • Go to Sales. Select Customers.
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Step 2 of 5

  • Click on the little arrow next to New Customer and select Import Customers.
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Step 3 of 5

  • Click Browse, select your excel file and Open, then Next.
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Step 4 of 5

  • For each of the QBO fields on the screen, choose one of your excel columns. This action tells QuickBooks which columns in your excel spreadsheet get pulled into which QuickBooks field. Click Next when you have completely mapped your fields to QuickBooks.
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Step 5 of 5

  • The next page shows your data and where it's going into QuickBooks. Make sure you check the box on the left for all the items you want to import. When you're ready, click on Import.
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