How to customise an invoice | Get started tutorial

How to customise an invoice

Ensure your company stands out from competitors by customising invoices to give them a professional feel.

Before you start:
Many customers use one of QuickBooks’ invoice templates, but if you have one you want to keep using you can upload it to your account.

How to set up VAT

Benefits include

  • Give your company a more professional feel.
  • Ensure your brand stands out on your invoices, estimates and sales receipts.
  • You can customise your logo, colour scheme, font, headers/footers and custom fields.

Step-by-step guide

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  • Select the Gear icon on the Toolbar, then Custom Form Styles under Your Company.
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  • From the New style drop-down menu, select the type of transaction you'd like to customise (Invoice, Estimate, or Sales receipt).
  • You can also edit the master form which will apply the changes to all basic sales forms.
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  • You will see a template called Standard and its form type is Master. (Note: Statements, purchase orders and delivery notes have limited customisation and can only be changed by customising the master form.)
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  • The Custom Form Styles page is broken down into four sections to help edit the form to your liking (Design/Content/Emails/Payments)
  • Once you've completed customising the form, select Preview PDF or Done. (Note: Always preview PDF to see what your customisation looks like on the PDF).
  • The new customised form will now be listed on the Custom Form Styles page.
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