How to run Standard Payroll | Get started tutorial

How to run payroll in QuickBooks Standard Payroll

Once you’ve set up Standard Payroll and added employees’ details, it’s easy to complete your first pay run.

How to set up VAT

Benefits include

  • Be ready to pay your employees.
  • Prepare and send out payslips.
  • Submit Full Payment Submission details to HMRC.

Step-by-step guide

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  • From the payroll dashboard click Pay your employees. On the next screen enter the hours your employees have worked and any bonuses, deductions or statutory pay. You can also change the pay date here if you’ve made a mistake.
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  • Hit Save and view draft you’ll be taken to another screen explaining what happens next. By clicking on the net pay of an employee, you can see their draft payslip.
  • If you’re happy with everything click Confirm and Submit.
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  • The next page tells you you’ve run payroll. You can also download a payroll report here - other payroll reports are available through the left navigation.
  • Hit Submit FPS now to send your Full Payroll Submission information to HMRC. You’ll need to enter your Government Gateway details here – and you can choose to save them for next time or even submit your FPS details automatically.
  • Tick the boxes if you want to send payslips to your employees – they’ll need a password to do this, so follow the hyperlink.
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