Getting to grips with MTD: The ultimate accountant webinar

2 min read

As every accountant knows, change is the only constant and keeping on top of new tax legislation can feel like a full-time job. At QuickBooks we’re backing accountants as they guide small businesses through the maze of policies and legislation. Watch our Head of Business Development, Nick Williams, chatting to Rebecca Benneyworth, Fiona Fraser and Accounting Web’s John Stokdyk about the recent challenges. The 45-minute webcast, sponsored by Accounting Excellence, includes:

  • Advice on moving clients onto cloud accounting and how it can transform the way you work together.
  • GDPR and the implications for managing and storing your clients’ information.
  • Preparing for MTD – understanding sectors, personality types and technology engagement for successful client segmentation.
  • Incorporation changes – should you advise new clients to register as a Sole Trader, Limited Company or Partnership?

Want more details about the latest changes, obstacles and opportunities that will affect your clients? Download Rebecca Benneyworth’s guide, sponsored by QuickBooks: Digital tax challenges: A handbook for the small business advisor.

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