QuickBooks + PayPal

An easy way for your customers to pay

Introducing Payments with PayPal. Online payments for your QuickBooks invoices.

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Allow faster payments to increase your cashflow

Add a Pay Now button to your invoices and let customers pay online instantly by card or bank transfer

Less time to get paid

Customers can pay instantly online, reducing time from invoice to payment.

Reduce manual entry

A full integration with QuickBooks means no manual transaction entry.

Start taking payments in a few steps

Easy to set up online in just a few minutes.

Peace of mind

PayPal is trusted by 7 million business customers worldwide.

Get your accounting done faster

Payments and fees automatically recorded in QuickBooks.

Competitive fees

Free integration, with standard PayPal merchant fees

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Give your business a cashflow boost

A seamless, fully integrated experience that allows you to take card and bank transfer payments online for your QuickBooks invoices. Payments and fees taken through Payments with PayPal are automatically brought in to your QuickBooks account and recorded in the account(s) of your choosing.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to enable PayPal payments?

You need a PayPal Business account (note that Personal or Premier accounts will need to be upgraded). There are no monthly fees for a PayPal Business account and creating or upgrading to a business account is free.

How do I set up PayPal payments?

You can get set up by going to the invoice page in QuickBooks and clicking the Accept Online Payments link or by going to apps.com and searching for Accept Payments with PayPal. You'll need a PayPal Business account, which you can sign up for, sign in to, or upgrade to for free during the setup. You'll then be led through a quick setup flow to select your settings.

How do I send an invoice that has PayPal enabled?

After you set up, on your invoice creation page, notice the checkbox to enable the invoice for online payments. Create and fill out your invoice as normal, then select the Accept Payment Online checkbox. You can then save and send the invoice to your customer as usual. Selecting this check box enables your customers to pay your invoice after you send it. Your customers will see a Pay Now button on the invoice when they open it.

What happens once my invoice is paid?

When your customer pays your invoice, your invoice is marked as Paid and a payment transaction is created against the invoice in QuickBooks. You will typically see the funds in your PayPal account immediately, and available to use within 24 hours. In addition, we create an expense transaction in QuickBooks to automatically record the fees that were charged by PayPal for the transaction.