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Do your clients think about you 220 times per day?

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I came across a news story this week about a school in Utah that has added a ‘texting lane’ to the corridors of their building to ensure that pupils do not bash in to each other whilst engrossed in their mobile phone. I also understand that a town in Belgium has had a similar idea and sectioned off pavements in the same way.

I am not entirely convinced that this is anything other than a bit of fun, but it does get you thinking about how these ‘things’ have taken over – they have become the remote control of our lives.

QuickBooks‘ UK Managing Director Rich Preece recently delivered a presentation at Accountex stating that we check, on average our mobile phone 220 times per day.

Statistics like these are also backed up by the recent announcement that, as a nation, we now carry out more banking transactions via a mobile app than any other means. In fact the British Banker’s Association suggests that by 2020 , 72% of transactions will be carried out in this way. Amazing to think that smartphones only became popular 8 years ago when Apple launched the iPhone.

So what? Well, is the accountancy profession making the most of this? I now make a point of asking all my partners ‘tell me about your mobile strategy, there are now more mobile phones in the world than people, how are you making the most of that?’

To stay relevant to your clients, you need to find ways to make your service mobile friendly. Can clients log transactions when they have 5 minutes on the train?

Can they take payments via their mobile? Are they able to create Estimates on a tablet rather than replicate effort when they get back to the office?

The benefits are endless but we find that the features in the QuickBooks Online mobile app improves cash flow, efficiencies and moves the software from being about Bookkeeping to being a true business tool.

Also… every time your client looks at their mobile and sees that little green icon, they will think ….. that’s another reason I love my accountant so much!

Alex Davis is Business Development Manager at Intuit UK. Follow him on Twitter.

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